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International Veteran Boxers Association, Ring 101 Members

Board Members

Board Members are elected by Ring 101 Members 

Here is our current Board Member list


Our Story

The purposes of this association shall be to foster and to promote the good and general welfare of the veteran boxer.

To take care of the sick and disabled veteran boxer who may be in distress by means of contributions with-in the means of and to the best of the association’s ability.  To take and active interest in the administration of all the laws that affect the sport of boxing in the State of Maryland, to insure that its members are given the recognition deserving of their past efforts, and to protect the active boxers to the best of the associations ability.

Meet our Board Members

Member Spotlight

Max Tayler (far right)

In the picture is Boxing promoter Jake Smith, Trainer/Mentor Marvin McDowell and our Member Spotlight Boxing Referree and Supporter, Maxwell Tayler holding his Induction into the Fort Bragg Boxing Team's Boxing Hall Of Fame.  Congratulations Max!! Well Deserved!

Max Boxing HOF.jpg

Our Members


All Members are affiliated with boxing in some way. We have Former Champions, Amateurs, Parents of fighters, Promotors, Ring Announcers, Gym Owners and Trainers. Members can pay $250 one time fee to become life time member, or $75 annually. Each member is eligible to hold a board position and are eligible to vote on all Ring 101 Business.  Members are required to participate in all Ring 101 sponsored or supported events in some way (volunteering, selling tickets, representing Ring 101 at the event etc.) Elections are held every 5 years to help keep continuity of efforts. 

Meetings are held the 2nd Sunday of every Month, occasionally emergency meetings or exclusive board meetings are held when necessary.


Life Time Members

  • Ray Adey

  • Mack Allison

  • Ron Appolonia

  • Kenneth Blackston

  • Warren Boardley

  • Lou Benson

  • Dorian Bostic

  • Lou Butler

  • William Chevis

  • Hal Chernoff

  • Sean Fitzpatrick

  • Carl Foxwell

  • Matt Gilbert

  • Santo (Sam) Grasso

  • Mike Greenhill

  • Ed Griffin

  • Debra Hanover

  • David Hoatson 

  • Joseph A. Jefferson, Sr. 

  • Henry Jones

  • Brian Kimball

  • Marvin McDowell

  • Vincent Petway

  • Michael Ricasa

  • Edward Sauerhoff

  • Jake Smith 

  • Maxell Tayler 

  • Domenic Zannino

  • Ed Griffin

  • Ted Cox

  • Eula McDowell

  • Sara Artes

  • Tyler Longer

  • William Chavis 

  • James Hogan

  • Gene L Wagstaff


Annual Members 

  • Shabazz Bryant

Our Sponsors and Associates

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