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Boxing on a Sunday Afternoon Good/or inconvenient?

Recently I attended fights on a Sunday afternoon. It was a great weather day not too hot not too cold, I had my concerns about turn out because it was on Sunday. Upon arriving I could see it was a pretty good turn out. the fight card was jam packed with potentially great match ups and sure it enough they all came to fight. Fast foward to a meeting I attended and the discussion began. As a spectator I didn't take in consideration the people who actually put in the work at the fights. For example the Trainers who run gyms all week and have fighters on the card. The restaurant owner who was working the bar at the venue, or the referees who had worked the night before at another event. For the Referee's its not a living and so putting in two nights in a row can be difficult considering Monday work day is around the corner. For the promoter he puts in work all week planning and making arrangements so, the event night he gets to see all his hard work for the past month come to furition. I don't think he realizes that the supporting teams work other jobs and have families to tend to on top of that. So, the discussion had possing points of view. The promoter explains he only has two a year and that everyone can suck it up. I'm curious what do you think? Are Sunday afternoon fights worth the sacrafice? Do Sunday afternoon fights have a special place, or should we stick to the Friday and Saturday night specials? Please keep it clean and I don't know if anyone is right, but please provide your thoughts.

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