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Best Boxing Venues near Baltimore

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Attending Boxing events can range from your local gym like Mac Lewis or Corner Stone, Bigger venue's like Agricultural Center in Westminister (Baltimore Boxing events); Could go even bigger, like Martins or Arundel Maryland Casino. Personally there certain accomodations that make a great venue here are my must have's:

1) I have to be able to get there safely, I don't want to cross the rail road tracks or walk a 1/2 mile in a place i'm not familiar with to get to the venue. Parking availability is important.

After attending a fight in a large venue it was apparent that there was one way in and one way out, after the fighters, coaches, family all arrived early there was no where for fans of boxing to really park. I had to park two blocks away from the venue (due to no parking signs) and walk through an unfamilar neighborhood, through a back alley, to get to the parking lot for the venue.

2) I want to be able to actually see the fights. Is it too much to ask that the only lights that need to be on during the fights are above the fighter or around the ring? After recently attending a professional fight I had seats that were great to watch the fights except there were white strobe lights flashing just past the ring and blinded me ever 15 secs, that made it very difficult to watch the fight. As an experienced fighter I recall fights where i could barely make out my opponent and other times there were certain corners where you get blinded. Promotors should take those angles into consideration.

3) Food and Drink accomodations. Fights can be exciting some not so much; there's a lot of time spent idle, having a cold one, water, soda, hot dog, or some type of not quite a meal but enough to keep you happy food, becomes a must have. The obvious addition to that is a place to use the restroom. Cant have one without the other. I haven't been to an event that didn't have some type of restroom accomodation but, porta potties are unacceptable.

What are some of your must have's at venues?

Send us your thoughts and suggestions; lets see if we can make the stars align and have a great all around venue for local boxing.

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